Baby Amber Jewelry for Pain-Free Teething

Why for thousands of years, mothers have been using Amber for their teething babies and what are the benefits of Baltic Amber for teething babies?



When I became a Mum in 2011, like many women I was struggling and  often looking for a solution to be able to sleep and one of the most complicated times is when babies are teething. While talking to other mums and they all told me I should go to the pharmacy and buy an amber necklace for babies. I then googled that back at home and started to read about stories about european women who have been using baby amber Jewelry as a natural teething remedy for their children for centuries! I learned through these readings that it is believed that stones can alleviate pain for babies at the time of teething, just like they help adults when worn close. I had to try on my babies and almost instantly I noticed my cute boy Isaac was calming down, playing with his necklace. What a relief it was, I was able to sleep at least 3 hours straight, that was worth all the amber in the world!  The Amber stone gently warms due to body temperature, helps to relax the child, and their teething pains fade away. Do the test yourself and rub amber on your skin, it almost instantly becomes warm and even has a very distinctive pine tree smell.

I read more about this unique and mysterious stone, and learned that natural Amber was used for thousands of years for pain reduction & relief, mental balance, winter fatigue etc., but among all, Amber necklaces are known as a traditional European remedy for colic or teething pain for babies. (Original Source) 

Amber Teething Necklaces are baby jewelry strung with amber beads, designed to help with teething pain. Amber is a natural substance created with the help of fossilized tree resin. Basically, after a tree is cut down, its bark leaks out the sap, which fossilizes over time and hardens when left alone. This fossilized resin, later on, chipped and polished to make amber beads. Remember Jurassic Park story, well story starts with Dominican republic Amber mines where the DNA of prehistoric animals is collected to revive them. Of course this is legend but what is true is that it is very common to find insects and plants that have been captured for milenaries inside the Amber making it even more mysterious. 

Several kinds of Amber are named for the regions in which they're found, and one of the most popular is Baltic amber, it can also be found in Madagascar and in Dominican Republic it is commonly admitted that natural Baltic Amber can alleviates pain and symptoms associated with teething, that is for the baby, but it also known to reduces & prevents migraines, reduces arthritis pain, reduces acid reflux, heartburn and balances the digestive system for the adults! That’s a lot for such a small stone. It was for me a surprise and something that really helped me as a mother and I decided I wanted to know more about this thousands years old resin. When Succinic Acid in the baltic Amber is heated against the skin, it releases an all-natural analgesic (pain relief), easing teething pains in babies. (Source: brickstreetmedical).

How come I never ever heard about succinic acid?..

It turns out that not just Baltic women have been using Amber, creating beaded necklaces for them and their babies have been used the same. This could not be just a hasard! There was no google, facebook and yet women on three continents have been using amber for pain relief and to calm down their teething baby. For me as an African women living in Europe rediscovering the usage of natural stones energy and wanted to learn more about the various usage and properties of natural stones.

How Does a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Work?



The teething pain reduction is is majorly due to its primary ingredient, succinic acid, which contributes to its healing properties. And since this substance is found on amber beads' surface layer, this natural analgesic is absorbed directly through the skin during contact.

The succinic acid contained in amber teething necklaces is activated through body heat. The body heath of the wearer releases succinic acid, which is absorbed through the skin. It not only provides pain relief for your teething baby's discomfort but also has a mild sedative effect. (Source: I was so stunned to understand this nature miracle process and how people were in some ways so advanced in listening to nature gifts.

How do I use Baltic Amber Baby Necklace?

  • For security reasons I make sure I am close to my baby and under close supervision at all times when they are wearing the necklace. 

  • As an alternative you can also on the wrist or ankle if you wish.

  • When my baby was unattended, I used to remove the necklace or bracelet to stay orry-free from the risk of beads being swallowed.

  • Most importantly, you should remove your baby Amber jewelry when you put your little one down to sleep. However, if you want to continue the healing properties through the night as well, you can put the same necklace as an ankle bracelet. This way, your baby will continue to get the benefits of the Baltic Amber through the night and provide pain relief for their teething (Source)

Here are some important safety & precautions For Usage of Amber Teething Necklaces 

Generally, Baltic Amber is safe for all ages and also non-toxic. Still, the FDA warns against the use of teething jewelry due to the risk of strangulation and suffocation. So, to all parents, it is advised to keep an eye on the children while they are wearing the Amber bracelet or necklace for safety purposes.

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