Why I decided to use natural Amber and freshwater pearls for my first collection?

In this very first article, I would like to help you discover and better understand what are the unique benefits of some natural stones...

Only a few people know that some natural stones carry huge benefits rather than only being used in jewelry. According to studies, in modern times stones are mainly used for ornamental purposes. But in ancient Egypt and other cultures from antiquity, people used to believe natural stones had extensive health benefits.

It is believed that gemstones comprise unique healing powers and that’s not all, almost every gem represents a planet and carries the ability to draw energy from that planet directly to its wearer. 

Sounds too wondrous to be true? But it is!

The energy in the gemstones neutralizes the energetic blockages causing poor health and indeed nurtures all aspects of your being. This is the reason most people still believe we can receive health bonuses from certain natural stones and minerals. My personal experience prove me that natural stones' energies are extremely powerful and this is the reason why I decided to use them in my designs.

How to use NaturalStone to get most out of it?

Some cultures used natural stones as part of their spiritual practices to gain peace, restore energy fields, and promote love and safety. In a few systems, gemstones are worn or placed on the body energy center to keep your spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional energy in balance.   

In other cultures systems, leveraging health benefits from natural stones can be as simple as wearing a piece of jewelry made with a particular gem. 

One of the stones gaining huge popularity nowadays for the right reasons is the Baltic Amber.

What is Baltic Amber ?

Technically, an Amber stone is not a stone, but a fossilized resin (Source: Wikipedia). However beautiful jewelry is created from it resembling gemstones, therefore it is sold as a gemstone.


Benefits of Baltic Amber - Marie France Design

Apart from being used in jewelry, it has also been used as a healing agent in folk medicine. (Original Source)

Being a powerful healer, it can give the person who wears an Amber and Gold Necklace a lovely sense of warmth and beauty (Source: Sciencing). 

Amber mainly comes from eastern europe. In earlier times, it was commonly or widely used in locations where it is found, but now many people are understanding its benefits. Those people who used it or kept it on their body as ornament would have been aware that it helped to improve their health.

Let's learn more about Baltic Amber

As stated above, amber is not a rock or gemstone, contrary to popular belief. Amber is a tree resin that has further become fossilized and it is found in various locations around the world, but Baltic amber is particularly from trees in the Baltic region.

There is succinic acid available in Amber that works to decrease and relieves inflammation, which lessens ample types of discomfort and pain caused by illness, teething, and also injuries (Source: Wikipedia). We spend time selecting the best stones, our amber beads contain up to 8% succinic acid.


What are the  different usage of Baltic Amber ? 

As mentioned above, Amber  for its several healing properties, has long been used in ancient medicine. From the time of Hippocrates in ancient Greece, Amber was used for a fantastic array of treatments via the Middle Ages and up until the early twentieth century. Even in traditional Chinese medicine, people used amber to "tranquilize the mind". (Source: Wikipedia)

Especially, Baltic amber is popular for babies, where it is commonly used as a natural method of reducing teething pain and is widely sold in pharmacies.


Amber Stones Health Benefits - Marie France Design

Some specific properties of Amber

Amber has accumulated its share of mystical properties just like any popular gemstone that has a long history of use in various cultures. For example in Asian cultures, Amber was considered the "soul of the tiger" and referred to as the stone of courage. (Source : Wikipedia) 

The pieces of amber were carried for protection purposes during long travels.

There are many benefits of using Baltic amber over types of pain relief and inflammation relief, be mindful that you need to wear baltic amber regularly. 

Broadly, the reason behind wearing your Baltic amber jewelry regularly is that Baltic amber shows amazing results if you wear it daily. Well, the more often succinic acid builds up in your system, the more resulting the compound will be in offering relief in pain. If by any chance you are suffering from chronic pain, like pain from inflammation-based arthritis, wearing your baltic amber jewelry daily can be the top-notch way to get continuous pain relief.


Baltic amber to reduce soothes inflammation and pain:


Obviously, Baltic amber is not a painkiller in itself but the succinic acid, found in amber is the active compound that has analgesic properties where it can assist in pain relief. Comprises 3-8% succinic acid, has been studied for years in contemporary medicine. (Source: NCBI)

Most of the concentration of succinic acid is found in the amber cortex, i.e., the outermost layer of the stone. Trace oils from the resin are absorbed through your skin when you wear Baltic amber, as it heats to your body temperature. It enables the amber’s acid to enter your bloodstream leading to the highest therapeutic benefits.


Good for Children during Teething

Because of the purported analgesic properties of succinic acid, Amber necklaces are a traditional European remedy for colic or teething. However, there is no such evidence proving that this is an effective remedy. (Source: Wikipedia)

How can Amber target the source of the pain?

No wonder that the pain-relieving medications are built to mask pain, whether it’s arthritis pain, teething pain, headache pain, and more. But in the case of Baltic amber, it actually targets the source of the painful inflammation and reduces it, thereby decreasing the pain as a whole instead of covering it up with medication.

Take natural Amber everywhere with you

If you consider the value of having to buy new bottles and tablets as pain relievers over the months and years, Baltic amber jewelry is affordable. More importantly, if you use the Baltic amber jewelry the right way, it can last for a time being, saving you plenty of money in the process.

Not much maintenance needed

After reading above mentioned benefits, you can say without a doubt that Nature’s healing wisdom is locked within Baltic Amber, so wearing it in the form of ornament as a beautiful part of your daily wellness practice will do miracles. The stone is low-maintenance that does not need charging or thorough cleansing regularly; its soothing warmth is prepared for you now and as you need it! Wearing Baltic Amber is a very natural way to boost your immunity, reduce pain and inflammation, and strengthen the well-being of your body inside and out. 

Let me give you a great tip to get the most benefits of an amber bead necklace, you can try this exercise to de-stress!

  • Place your amber bracelet/ necklace into your hands and gently hold one of the beads on the necklace by using your forefinger and thumb.
  • As you focus on the sensation of each bead warming to your body’s temperature, inhale deeply and exhale thoroughly.
  • Until you’ve touched each bead in your strand, move your fingers on to the next bead and repeat until you feel calmer.

I think this is all I could find about natural amber. But it's not the only stone I would like to share with you about. During my research about amber I also came to read and discover the properties of freshwater natural pearls, and I would like to share some of my learning and discoveries with you in this post.

What are Freshwater Pearls ?

Pearls being a smooth, flawless, shining gemstone, known for their eternal beauty. They may be categorized based on their texture, color, and size, but they are majorly distinguished based on their origin. Jewelry created with freshwater white pearls is unique as they are the only tissue-nucleated cultured stones in the world. 

Let me tell you more about Freshwater Pearls? 

For those who are unaware, Freshwater pearls are created by using freshwater mussels in lakes, ponds, and rivers. Today, most freshwater pearls come from rivers and lakes in China, although Japan and the USA also have a small fraction of the market. The interesting part is a freshwater mussel can hold up to 50 pearls at a time.

How are Freshwater Pearls farmed ?

All of the freshwater pearls are cultured, i.e., grown in pearl farms using trained technician, who implants an irritant in the mussel to boost the formation of a pearl. As in Akoya and other saltwater pearl farming, a bead nucleus is commonly used, but with freshwater pearls, the method is somewhat different. Then, to stimulate nacre secretion, the tissue of a donor mussel is placed in the host mussel.

The result of this technique is that freshwater pearls are composed solely of nacre, and do not comprise a bead nucleus. The more solid nacre normally results in a durable, elegant pearl.

What are Freshwater Pearls - Marie France Design

What are the main benefits of wearing freshwater pearls ?

Apart from being silky and radiant elegance, it is believed that these pearls also hold a few advantages that you might not know. 

Natural freshwater pearls can heal

There are various healing properties associated with the Grade A natural cultured Freshwater Pearl that are good for our bodies. For instance, the freshwater pearls are helpful for the issues of the respiratory illness. It is also known that wearing freshwater pearls is good for our heart, liver as well as for our skin in Asian cultures.

Brings luck and prosperity for june borns 

The people who are born in June wear freshwater pearls as their birthstone as the stone brings prosperity and fortune to them. (Original Source)

How can freshwater pearls help me to maintain my inner peace? 

The astrologers suggest wearing pearls for various reasons. Like to calm your anger and to maintain your peace of mind.

In various Asian and Europeans cultures many people also use it to heal respiratory disease, there is no scientific proof of this, however I believe it is important to share this information

Wearing freshwater pearl could be beneficial for the lungs as it fights against some respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. They carry a soothing influence on the kidney, heart, and liver. It also reflects the healing effects on allergies and skin rashes. Besides, stomach issues and menstrual problems could also be cured with the gemstone. Again there are no scientific proof other than the fact that millions of people have been doing it for centuries.

Freshwater Pearl Benefits - Marie France Design

Bring positive changes in life! 

  • Meditate with your Stone

The metaphysical powers of the stone can act as a pathway to get connected within yourself. Some believe about it, some don't, find your own path.

  • Carry it Regularly

If you want to experience some visible changes you need to capitalize on the energy fields and molecular vibrations of the stone.

  • Keep them in Touch

Before you get out of bed in the morning, wear the stones or keep them on your body. According to top researchers, this practice helps kick start the day with enthusiasm.

If you are fond of wearing jewelry that too with classic and decent choice, then jewelry made with baltic amber and pearls is a very unique element you should add to your jewelry box. The best part is, whether you are an everyday office person, love to attend wedding receptions, or a date person, wearing such a piece surely adds to your elegance, confidence and portrays you as a beautiful strong woman.

Being evergreen; it will not lose its luster for a long-long time and will continue to be the most graceful jewelry you own. Just like the beauty, the health benefits are inexplicable too. However, keep in mind that not all the health benefits are scientifically proven as most of them are just based on theories and beliefs.  

So, what are you waiting for, add beautiful Amber, pearl bracelets, earrings, or necklace to your life and add prosperity, gorgeousness to your life!

Now let's live Naturally, beautifully and healthy ;-)

Marie France Ingrand 

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